Fine Art Printing, Handmade Paper, and Book Arts

Mirror Image Press is the artists’ studio of Veda Rives Aukerman and Meda Rives Smith. Established in 1981, Mirror Image Press has grown to include multiple artistic equipment and methods. Printmaking mediums include lithography, letterpress, relief, stratography, monotype, and intaglio. Handmade paper capabilities include European and Asian techniques as well as unique hybrid processes. Book Arts includes all manner of sequential imagery including bound and unbound structures in a vast array of scale from handheld books to gallery filling installations termed “BookEnvirons.”  By concept and scale, BookEnvirons create immersion experiences for the viewer who enters and explores the space shaped by the artists’ book.  Inspired by Nature, seeking the sublime, BookEnvirons are experienced as shelter, escape, epiphany; shaping our space, our thoughts and our aspirations.

Pantagraph news article for 2018 Faculty Biennial

Inner Circles 2018
Inner Circles 2018, as installed at University Galleries for the 2018 Faculty Biennial, Illinois State University, Normal Illinois.

Turing the Page: Contemporary Artists’ Books at the Swope Art Museum

Swope BookEnviron artists' gallery talk
Twofold Path, Gallery talk at opening reception, Swope Art Museum Terre Haute, Indiana

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