at Mirror Image Press

by Meda R. Rives and Veda M. Rives

Papermaking consists of several major steps between the raw fiber and the finished work of art. 
First the plant fiber is harvested and prepared by beating and processing. 
For the purpose of this brief explanation of the methods used for the art works created by Meda and Veda Rives, 
we shall begin at the point of working with the prepared pulp—a watery mixture of processed cellulose fiber.
A mold and deckle is dipped into the vat of pulp.  The mold carries the su where the paper fibers collect.
This mold includes a stencil of three leaves drawn and cut by the artist 
so that the paper will form in those shapes on the su as the water drains away. 
Here, lily shapes are transferred from the su to the paper panel by a method called couching.
Paper shapes, along with thread & yarn additives, 
are built up in layers in a process called wet-into-wet lamination.
The drying process begins with sponging to remove excess water.  The pressing action also encourages the fibers to bond.
After the paper is thoroughly dry, the finished paper panel is removed from the working surface and ready to be displayed in the installation.


overall view Dual Pathway from below

artists with  Dual Pathway at the reception

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Meda R. Rives

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