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Spire: A Spiritual Journey--Freeport
the beginning of a series of large viewer interactive environments exploring the theme of spaces set aside for contemplation
Handmade paper: abaca fiber, yarn, string, iridescent pigments, and wood
as installed at Freeport Art Center, Freeport, Illinois

Spire: A Spiritual Journey--Freeport
exterior view, upper level


Spire: A Spiritual 
entrance to the installation

Spire: A Spiritual Journey--Freeport
interior view

Spire: A Spiritual Journey--Freeport
detail of texture


Installation size:  height=12 feet x width=40 feet x depth=36 feet overall

collaborative BookEnvirons
A BookEnviron is an artist's book that by concept and scale creates an immersion experience for the viewer who enters and explores the space that is shaped by the book.
The works for which we coined the term “BookEnviron” grew out of a brainstorming session that raised the question, 
“Wouldn't it be wonderful to create a book that is large enough to walk into?”

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